Building Issues

Depreciation Reports – Are they really necessary?
Passed by the B.C. Legislature on Dec.14, 2011, strata building depreciation reports (D.R.s) are now required for all stratas with 5 or more units unless voted down every year by a 75% majority. D.R.s can be a great boon for potential buyers, giving a good indication for the next 30 years of what needs attention on a building and how much it will cost. Some stratas are deciding not to produce a D.R. This however could affect every member’s suite / property value. Read more…

Vermiculite Insulation
Often in older homes, our inspectors will come across vermiculite insulation in the attic. Some vermiculite insulation may contain asbestos fibers. This doesn’t have to be a deal killer but the buyer should be aware of all the implications.  (see the whole story…)

Leaky Condos
Definitions vary as to what a leaky condo is but it seems to be generally caused by rainy environments, stucco exteriors with high exposed walls, lack of roof overhangs, poor flashing details, plastic vapour barriers and of course no wall gap behind the stucco from which leaking water can exit.
(see the whole story…)

Underground Oil Tanks
The time to catch the existence of an underground oil tank is before you buy. In Victoria (and area) if your prospective house is 1961 or older, as part of your home inspection initiative, you should call a local tank removal company to do a scan of the property to check for any hidden tanks. The liabilities are huge if one is found leaking underground. Read more…

The New Building Code is Here
(see the whole story. Some of the highlights include increased seismic requirements, further emphasis on improved energy performance and better accessibility for the elderly in residential housing…)