Pre-Sale Home Inspections

Get an Edge Over the Competition

In a buyers’ market when things are slow and there is a lot of product for sale, sellers and their real estate agents are always looking for ways of standing out and offering more than others in the market place. A Pre-sale Home Inspection can be one of those ways. The same is true for the hot sellers market. Buyers in a multiple offer situation are more prone to purchase a home with a completed Home Inspection, especially where there is hesitancy to add the condition of a home inspection for fear of losing the deal.


A Pre-sale Home Inspection can enhance your market potential providing a Superior Product

Not only does it show you are serious about selling, but also indicates your new confidence in what you now have for sale.
A pre-sale home inspection helps both the buyer and the seller by clarifying what’s being purchased and avoiding the unknowns that cause walk-aways and wasted negotiation time. Anything critical that is found in the home inspection can be dealt with ahead of time, taking away both the element of surprise and unrealistic counter-offers by the buyer. If the buyer still wants their own home inspection, the owner can be confident the bases have been covered.



Most deficiencies found can be repaired before placing the home on the market so that they don’t even enter into the discussion or cast a negative outlook on the overall quality of the house

For example a small infestation of carpenter ants may cause little damage if any, but when destroyed and removed professionally, does not leave the buyer wondering about the house’s overall condition. If the inspection turns up something that the seller doesn’t want to repair – a roof that needs replacement for instance, the cost of roof replacement and negotiated house price etc. can all be figured out ahead of time, complete with up-to-date quotes etc.

Information provided courtesy of Fleetwood Building Inspections